I've played a lot of games throughout the years and am just ramping up my skills in development. This is my biggest passion as I believe gaming is a form of  entertainment which can surpass the visuals you see in movies and can outshine the stories told in novels. It’s a way to not only create an entire unique universe but interact with it and alter its course. I want to be able to create something great, entertaining, and immersive for others to enjoy. It pains me to see such great potential nowadays halted behind walls and barriers or stumped with marketability chosen over originality. I vow to create with the best of my abilities and without the unnecessary monotony or labor to play a simple game. This page is dedicated to those creations I will make available to anyone to use.

Do you have a bug to report or a feature to request? Send me an email at ScylezStudios@gmail.com!!!

 Chasing Tail Visual Novel

What is Chasing Tail? Chasing Tail is a visual novel set in the fictitious city of Skalan, populated by animalistic creatures of all shapes and sizes. Within the story you'll interact with a number of unique characters each with their own story, issues, and feelings. Your actions and answers to questions will alter who you spend time with, and each characters affection towards you. This will also in turn affect dialogue options and the outcome of the story. At the end of the game maybe things will turn out great for you and someone else, or maybe not.

If you need some help or a guide for the game, check out the world anvil catalogue

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As a small fun way to start the new year, feel free to download and print off this 2020 pinup calendar featuring the cast from Chasing Tail!

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 Chasing Tail VRChat World

Chasing Tail's Skalan in VR
I've also created the city from Chasing Tail, Skalan, in VR for you to roam around and explore for free! Complete with mirror, markers, guns, props, and even a VRChat Scylez Avatar!

 Chasing Shadows

Chasing Shadows
Welcome to the demo of Chasing Shadows! The sequel to my visual novel Chasing Tail! This game is currently in development and is receiving constant updates on patreon. More info to come soon!

 D&D Helper

D&D DM Screen Helper
D&D Helper is a pet project of mine to provide all the info of standard DM Screens in one easy to use program that can be pulled up on a laptop or tablet during a long session of DM'ing.

At the moment its features are incomplete however it does provide enough basic information and functionality to create and give some valuable input during my own amateur D&D sessions as a DM. The music will need to be replaced and I'd love to get some original art to stick in it, and complete the collection of basic
D&D Monsters in the monster section.

Feel free to post suggestions and requests for content to be added and I'll take into consideration what should be put into the little program as I continue developing it.

 The Hive

The Hive
The Hive is a randomly generated dungeon crawler based off the final area of my visual novel Chasing Tail.
In the Hive, you'll explore a randomly generated dungeon in a quest to lead your friends out to safety. As you dive deeper and deeper into the labyrinth, the levels will become bigger, more expansive, and more
dangerous. Collect power-ups, dracoins, and upgrades to aid in your quest to the next level down.

 Scylez Dance Party

Scylez Dance Party
It's a dance party! This tiny "game", if you can even call it that, is just a small fun little project I threw together to test out different animations. Scylez will put on an erotic show just for you!

In the future it's possible for me to add more features and some actual gameplay mechanics but I'll have to think of what those could possibly be. For now just enjoy the show! and if you have suggestions
for how to add in something feel free to let me know!


Nocveil is my own personal passion project. It may not be very large in comparison to others, but it captures the kind of game’s I love where you roam, explore, battle, and discover. Nocveil is a small action adventure game with a focus on exploration, discovery, simple puzzle solving, and combat. The world of Nocveil is dense and dark and the creatures live in an atmosphere of dusk to twilight. It’s a harsh and hard land to survive
in where no one is free of predators. A small but powerful race has been hunted for their mana infused power. With dwindling numbers and the remaining members scattered across the land, it’s up to one to find his lost brothers and defeat those who betrayed them.

 Slot Car Derby

Slot Car Derby
Game Summary: A small fast paced racing game with slot cars. Pick your car and select your lanes carefully to avoid other cars, get powerups and reach the finish first. A tribute to the best Mario Party 2 minigame of all time.

 Scylez Tournament Paintball

Scylez Tournament Paintball
Game Summary: A quick paintball game created in four days. This was just small project I made to take a break from my larger projects. Pick a field, and eliminate the opposing team as fast as possible. The AI will stick to their lane, and progressively move up while keeping a bead on their opponents.

 Grim Expanse

Grim Expanse
Grim Expanse is a semi randomly generated endless runner. You play as Scylez trying to outrun the grim fate that follows in your path.


Utopia is a recreation of the intellivision game of the same name, only this time it's got the ability to play against the computer.