Scylez is what I would call my digital persona who represents me as the creator of these works. I grew up gaming my entire life. My earliest memories of gaming are playing Lode Runner on the Commodore 64, or Utopia on the Intellivision (two games I still love to play). These ancient games still hold some addictive greatness packed in their pixilated structure. Even with their age, they're are an inspiration. Scylez is a raptor who represents a bit of me, and that old era of things that have past and have since been abandoned but still could hold some wonder and curiosity to them.

Hello, I'm Scylez the raptor. Simply put, I love creating. Over the years I've been working hard to improve my skills at creating games, but in turn this has also lead me to expand my craft into other digital realms including create music, art, and even 3D models. 


 What is Scylez Studios?

Scylez Studios is the umbrella that holds all of Scylez's creations.
Anything from games, to apps, to art, to music. It will be displayed
here. This website is the main hub where I will display all my work and is
updated quite often any time a new project is finished or new
information becomes available. There are multiple niche websites where different
works of mine are posted but this one will hold everything.


As you may know it takes a LOT of work to upkeep this website and create
the games I have displayed here. It's all out of pure passion of mine that I continue to create everything in hopes that someone may find some enjoyment out of it. A little support really goes a long way, more than you might know. It helps me fund
assets, host the website, and even allows me to live and put even more
time into these creations.

It's not at all necessary to do so. If you'd like to support me but don't have any funds the best way is to simply play and enjoy my games. It will mean the world to me <3!

With that said if you'd like to give any amount, you can do so here:

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